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Testimonials about our courses

Our courses help people to become professionals and achieve their goals. And this is the highest evaluation of our work.

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Testimonials about CyberBionic Systematics

Денис Попов

CyberBionic Systematics courses will give a great opportunity to every student to come into the software world and due to the up-to-date topics and practical tasks you can see the world from a different angle, climb to the top of it, from which you can see your professional horizons, define the ways of their achievements and start the way without hesitation.

Project Manager, Ciklum
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Татьяна Ласица

Courses are delivered clearly and in detail. Especially it’s interesting to learn internal realization of learning technics necessary for rational software development. I would like to stress on the up-to-date course adaptation when new technologies are invented. The course was useful and interesting. Knowledge received during the course helped me to add and sort out the information I knew. I use it in my daily work.

Инженер-программист, Simcorp

Andrii Kolesnyk

This is a feedback on a WCF course that has been given by Alexander Shevchuck at SimCorp.

  • I'm already using that technology in my project.And thanks for that course I'm 100% know what I'm doing and how it appear to be in the end.
  • It was also easy to start using Windows Server AppFabric integrated technologies and build applications on top of it.
  • For now I can clearly see the architecture of internal service server provided by C# developers from CPH.
  • That course gave me knowledge for easy reading and understanding following books: Juval Lowy "Programming WCF Services"; Justin Smith "Inside Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation"; Chris Peiris "Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation".
  • Especially I would like to admit that Alexander Shevchuck understandably answered on all given questions. And put extra effort to explain few things that indirectly related to WCF technology.

System Development Consultant, SimCorp
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Игорь Венжик

Great trainings!

The wide choice of information is provided, both basic concepts of software development and complicated strategies of building information systems are explained.

One should note the practical approach and convenience of information perception. All examples are closely connected to the issues of software development. Object-oriented design concepts are well explained. Microsoft technologies are presented clearly and easy to understand. I learnt lots of new information that could be used in practice.

If I need to learn new technology, I know where I will do it. Trainings can be interesting both to starting programmer in IT companies and also to IT professionals.

Terrasoft logo IGOR VENZYK
Software engineer, Terrasoft

Михаил Туранский

I attended the C# Essentials and С# Professional courses and I’m very satisfied with them.

One can notice pleasant and friendly atmosphere of classes. The topics are explained in details, information is delivered on high professional level. Good style and correct practices are paid attention to. I learnt about team spirit. After attending these two courses you can have a job interview.

Software engineer, Infors AGProject Manager

Владимир Фурсенко

CyberBionic Systematics is a team of talented developers and trainers who have an amazing ability of communicating the material and making it understandable. You can feel specialists’ experience starting from the basics of algorithm analysis and finishing with the creation of distributed systems. The approach of knowledge lay-up is successfully used, as the knowledge of one course helps in understanding of the next one, which helps in competence enhancing. I liked so much the fact that you start working with the coding from the first tutorial without introduction theoretical material.

I recommend the Training Center as the place where one can start and continue learning of software development technologies.

.Net Developer, Infopulse-Ukraine
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Жугастрова Катерина

More than three years I have been recommending Cyberbionic Systematics courses to all my friends who are looking for courses to learn new technologies or improve their skills and order existing knowledge. C # courses for beginners are not easy and laid a very good basic knowledge of .Net platform and the OOP, and clear understanding of the fundamentals is almost invaluable for beginners in programming. Understanding of the basic mechanisms will not only be a hefty advantage in interviews, but also help to acquire further knowledge in the real work correct and easy. Those who want to increase their level, for sure will remain satisfied with the depth of the material presented, its structuring and easy to understand even for the study of complex abstract concepts. All theoretical information is supported by numerous practical examples, which you then will come back time and again, because they are so closely connected with the real problems. Naturally, all this can be studied independently, but the courses will help you make it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

.Net developer, EPAM Systems

Ahmad Salem Alotaibi

My impressions of the training at Cyber Bionic Systematics can be divided into two parts: the first part - Syllabus for C # Professional. I did not expect to learn something new about C #, but Dmitry introduced me directions to C #, which I did not know before, and topics in which I was guided superficially, with him I learned in more detail.

The second part - the learning environment in the atmosphere Cyber Bionic are friendly and welcoming. I will never forget Dima and Sasha, who became my good friends.

In conclusion - I had a wonderful time in Cyber Bionic and gladly will come again. Visit to Ukraine remembered to me as a training center Cyber Bionic and new friends. Thank you for everything, I hope to see you again.

Software Programmer, KACST: Saudi Arabia

Мустафаев Фарид

In CyberBionic Systematics I was trained on such courses: - C # for beginners; - C # for professionals; - ADO.NET; - ASP.NET; - Windows Forms; - Windows Presentation Foundation. At that time I was a beginner programmer and due to experienced coaches who clearly expounded all the necessary information with bringing practical examples from real projects I quickly mastered modern programming. Teachers of Training Centre focused on writing well-optimized code and forming the correct approach in the analysis of other people's code (which is very often should be done in practice). At courses for professionals much attention is paid to using the correct application architecture with the possibilities of it's further expansion and re-use, forming the basic concepts of development methodologies and the right approach when choosing a methodology for different types of projects. Theory is well explained- with "live" code and practical examples. Summarizing, I can say that the training center CyberBionic Systematics completely satisfied me and I am very grateful to the coaches who brought my knowledge to such a high level.

Celenia Software logo MUSTAFYEV FARID
Senior .NET Developer, Celenia Software

Евтух Александр

Impressions from the courses are very positive. In CyberBionic Systematics trainers are really of high level, due to it I gained invaluable knowledge and experience, that I use in my practice.

Besides studying directly Microsoft .NET Framework, the courses emphasize greatly on the writing of "clean" code and its correct formatting. The variety of courses allows you to become a professional in the chosen direction or develop related technologies.

The relaxed, friendly atmosphere in the classroom left the most pleasant memories of time spent in CyberBionic Systematics.

.NET Developer, Ciklum
Ciklum logo

Одуд Юрий

In CyberBionic Systematics I started education from «C# Essential" course. I liked it from the first class: all is in clear, concise, accessible form. Especially it is worth to mention many examples of code and doing a lot of various tasks directly in the classroom with the help and advice of a teacher.

In these courses you can get the best of knowledge with the minimum time, as theoretical and so practical, and the quality of that knowledge will be very high. After the course, adding to the knowledge reading a few "classic" programming books, I successfully passed an interview in one of the largest outsourcing companies in Ukraine.

It is worth noting the reasonableness of the education system, the progressive tech tree that helps to plan your own professional growth and very warm and friendly staff of the Educational Center, coming to that, you feel at ease.

Ciklum logo YURIY ODUD
Windows Phone Engineer, Ciklum

Савинов Владимир Юрьевич

Due to the wide range of subjects of the courses and focusing on the latest technologies and approaches in the field of software development, courses of CyberBionic Systematics are always interesting and informative. Before starting education at CyberBionic Systematics I had no idea that even the most complex topics could be explained in such an easy to understand way. A high level of teachers’ competence at CyberBionic Systematics can provide qualitative training as developers-beginners and so architects, specialists with years of experience.

CyberBionic Systematics - ideal place of education for those, who aspire to a high level of professionalism in the area of software development.

Senior .NET Developer, Softheme
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Козадоев Кирилл Анатолиевич

I visited such programming courses as C # Essential and Professional, ADO.NET, SQL and Refactoring in .NET applications at the Educational center of CyberBionic Systematiss.

Courses of CyberBionic Systematiss helped me greatly to learn C# programming language; qualified teachers explain course material in a very clear language and pay attention to each student.

Extensive comments in the code give an opportunity to understand information quickly and clarify all difficult points. Through these courses I significantly increased my level of knowledge in programming.

Thanks to the staff of CyberBionic Systematics for qualitative education.

Software engineer, Main Department of the National Bank of Ukraine in Kiev and Kiev region

Аджигай Георгий

This is a great success to start a professional way. NET developer with CyberBionic Systematics. courses. In the CyberBionic Systematics educational program, theory and practice are harmoniously combined. Because of this it wasn’t hard to learn deeply technical aspects of the new environment, and also deal with modern technology design.

The Knowledge that I gained under the leadership of experienced instructors discovered to me great advantages in the labor market. Fortunately, my employer is also working with CyberBionic Systematics, this partnership allows me to stay in regardless shape of the current work tasks.

Software engineer, Terrasoft
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Гаврилюк Лариса

Courses in CyberBionic Systematics « C # Professional» and «ASP.NET Professional» helped me to organize knowledge obtained earlier and discovered a lot of new in sphere of programming after studing, I became confidant that I am doing my job correctly and professionally.

Sasha and Dima, I want to thank you, and I wish success in your work!

Developer, DIO-soft

Денис Рыжков

I have studied in CyberBionic Systematics programming on C #, SQL, ADO.NET, JavaScript and ASP.NET.

I liked the opportunity to study at the weekend - it is very useful if you are working. All coaches are professionals in the subject area and the ability to convey the material to the audience. Learning takes place interactively, during the lecture discusses working examples. The material is chosen correctly and completely. If something isn’t clear, you may always ask question and receive a detailed response. I still have a positive experience. Now I'm preparing for Microsoft certification, and I believe that I have enough knowledge to successfully complete it.

I still have a positive experience. Now I'm preparing for Microsoft certification, and I believe that my knowledge is enough to successfully complete it.

.NET Developer, Softheme Ltd.
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Сиваченко Ярослав

I took courses in CyberBionic Systematics in Autumn 2011. “C” Essential” and “C# Professional”.


  • excellent teaching
  • now I don’t use .net in my job, but basics and principals of programming that I have learned are very helpful.
  • individual approach - you can find out any weird points;
  • convenient schedule of classes;
  • normal price.


I think that it is necessary to make testing one or two times during the course. (In the second half of the course, we lost a lot of time on reviewing the previously studied material). When I studied, there was no convenient service for testing. But now students of CyberBionic Systematics could use Test Provider ( so I can make a conclusion that the problem is solved.

developer, Globesoft

Твалавадзе Вахтанг

If you want to become a programmer, I advise you to go to study in CyberBionic Systematics. You can be assured that you will get here good theoretical and practical knowledge of programming in C # and what is very important - you will learn how to read the code and how correctly formulate tasks and your own vision of their solution. For many students, it was a shock! Programmers often like to work in silence, but to be able to conduct a professional dialogue with other programmers and with the project managers is very important and I have not heard that anyone else teaches this. This is CyberBionic Systematics «trick».

It was easy to study at CyberBionic Systematics, because many groups are formed - at different times on weekdays and weekends, you can always find convenient time training, and if something is missed, you can catch up with the other group.

Coaches understand student needs and lend assistance. I want to thank to coaches of CyberBionic Systematics, they helped me to become qualified specialist.

Middle C#/ developer, Ciklum
Ciklum logo

Алексей Кислый

It wasn’t accidently that I have started my education in CyberBionic Systematics. I always wanted to work as a software developer and that’s why I decided to go at the programming courses. Of the many training centers I chose Cyberbionic Systematics, I came at the probation class, and I liked it. The process of teaching is well established and completed. After finishing courses “C # Essential” and “C # Professional” I have not only successfully carried out tasks at work, but also I have started to explain C# to those who are at the beginning of studying programming. Some of my best students found a good job.

In Kiev there are other good courses, but I can say with confidence that in CyberBionic Systematics, you may find effective system of teaching programming in C # and Microsoft. NET technologies, than you will not find in other places.

Software engineer, ww-cnc technology UG, Germany

Плотников Илья

I graduated from KPI, Department of Computer Science. Studying in the KPI has given me an understanding that I want to become .Net developer. Unfortunately I did not get fundamental knowledge on Microsoft .NET technologies at KPI. That is why I studied .NET by myself with the help of books and online resources, but later on interviews I’ve realized that my knowledge remains superficial because not all people are able to explore deeply a specific area by themselves.

Coming to CyberBionicSystematics, I realized that this would help me to become. NET developer.

At the Educational Centre CyberBionic Systematics great people work, they are also highly qualified professionals in their field, if it is C #, or ASP.NET, T-SQL or HTML with JavaScript. They care about how their students understand the course material (they are interested in!). For trainers of CyberBionic Systematics are normal to stay after lessons to clarify obscure points. Not all people come to the courses with basic knowledge of programming language, but at the end of the course they all have a great foundation for their improvement in the future.

At the end of several phases of training I’ve received fundamental knowledge of C #, ASP.NET, and design patterns.

As a result, I’ve passed an interview with no problems and have become a member of wonderful team of developers.

.Net Developer, Ciklum
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