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Recommendations by Jeffrey Richter

Джеффри Рихтер

About Jeffrey Richter

Jeffrey Richter - computer scientist, author of best-selling books in the Win32 and. NET. (CLR via C #). Co-founder Wintellect company, which teaches IT professionals, and advises companies in the field of software development. Richter has advised Intel, DreamWorks and Microsoft. Richter contributed to the following projects: Windows NT 32 and 64, Visual Studio. NET, Microsoft Office, TerraServer,. NET Framework, Windows Vista. Jeffrey Richter, author of the column in the magazine S90 MSDN.

Jeffrey Richter, author of «CLR via C#»

Reference letter

Dear students of CyberBionic Systematics School,

The C# programming language allows you to write applications and components whose behavior is defined by the .NET Framework’s Common Language Runtime (CLR). The CLR is not just a layer on top of the Windows Win32 API; it is effectively its own operating system providing its own memory manager, file loader, error handling, security mechanisms, and much more.

The “C# Professional” course includes the topics I discuss in my CLR via C# book and teaches how the CLR works thereby showing you how to develop applications and reusable components for the .NET Framework. This course is not for beginners; you need to have a core understanding of Object Oriented Programming and some experience with C# (not just a basic understanding of the syntax).

I believe you'll find plenty of information about CLR internals and how to leverage modern programming techniques at CyberBionic Systematics School.

Wish you all the best in your career!
Jeffrey Richter, Wintellect

CLR via C# 3
Лешек Мацяшек

About Leszek Maciaszek

Associate Professor of Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia), specializing in computer technology. He is a research consultant, mainly on the development and implementation of enterprise application software, databases, and object-oriented technology. Author of “Reguirements Analysis and System Design. Developing Information Systems with UML”.

Leszek Maciaszek, Professor of Australian University Macquarie University

Reference letter

Dear CyberBionic students,

In today’s world we observe continuous growth of IT companies, growing complexity of software and high technology-driven competition. In this context, the methods, processes and tools of systems analysis and design are especially important and will become even more important in the future as software systems get constructed from components and services rather than programmed in-house. More and more often the effective source of software solutions comes from experienced business analysts, system architects, developers, IT managers, etc. rather than just from programmers coding algorithms and data. This new course, based on my book “Requirements Analysis and System Design”, introduces complete methodology of informational systems development, it concentrates on the systems analysis and design phases, and it allows organizing acquired knowledge and using it prudently. I believe that this course will be very helpful for large spectrum of IT specialists.

Good luck!
Leszek A. Maciaszek

UML 2.0
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