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Course - C# Starter

Изображение к курсу C# Starter
Course C# Starter
Duration 9 days / 18 hours
Lessons number 9

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Are you ready to start studying of programming? Start with us! “C# Starter” course will help you to study C# Starter.

Discover the foundations of modern programming in Visual C # 2012 and start creating your first application.

Course «C # Start" - a course for those who are new in programming, as well as for those who have just started programming and want to get a programmer specialty in a short term and select the best programming language.

If you have only a basic understanding of programming, and you have never done it professionally, we recommend you to start your studying from the basics. Course «C # Starter" - is an easy start in programming for beginners.

The course is considered a procedural approach to programming, the basic syntax of C# is studied. The course forms a basic understanding of the mechanisms of high-level programming languages.

Studying with us, you will understand why C# language is a simple and accessible language to study and use. You will be able to identify the role of C# language, it plays in the development of most applications, to get to know its wide possibilities, to use it in commercial software projects. Throughout all "C # Starter" course such concepts as data types, variables, constants, logical operations, conditional and looping constructs, methods and their use, mechanisms of simple and complex recursion, the basics of building data sets and their sorting are considered.

After completing this course, you can make sure that the programming is available for everyone. You will understand that the programmer does not necessarily have serious mathematical background, degree or abilities. All you need – is diligence and perseverance. You will realize that studying of programmers on the course "C # Starter" is simple and effective.

If you want to find out, a specialty-programmer is suitable for your or not, just sign up for a free trial lesson. It is for students who have not yet had time to choose the direction of education, and for all who want to evaluate the skill level of the trainer and the quality of educational material.
• Confidence in the possession of a personal computer
• Experience with text editors
The course is designed for novice programmers and those who have basic knowledge about the basics of programming, or want to study them.
Lesson 1

Introduction to .Net infrastructure

The purpose of this lesson is to introduce the nature of.NET platform and development tools that are used in building .NET applications. A review of programming languages and .Net infrastructure technology is performed. During the lesson the simplest examples: Console, Windows Forms, WPF-applications are considered.

Lesson 2

Machine mathematics. Variables and data types

The basic number system are considered at the lesson.
Lesson helps to understand binary and hexadecimal number systems, explains the concept of variables and data types, the principles of choice of the type, used while creating the variable.

Lesson 3

The variables and data types

На занятии объясняется назначение констант, рассматриваются основные арифметические операции и операции сравнения значений переменных. Демонстрируются примеры простого форматирования и вывода строк на экран

Lesson 4

Conditional statements

At the lesson the work of branching operators, their purpose, the use of basic conditional statements: if-else, ternary and switch-case are considered.

Lesson 5

Logical statements

This lesson is devoted to such concepts as logic and bitwise operations. The lesson explains the application and use of the operations of conjunction, disjunction, exclusive "or", logical operators, shift operators. Shorted computing and De Morgan's theorem are considered.

Lesson 6


At the lesson the work of loop operators (while, do-while, for) and operators of unconditional jump is considered. The use of break and continue operators. The work of Dijkstra's loop and use of "Spider" loop is explained

Lesson 7


Описание урока: Lesson helps to understand the methods work, explains the difference between procedure and function.
The examples of ref and out parameters use, as well as the notion of method overloading are considered.

Lesson 8

Methods. Recursion

The lesson deals with the concept and the work of recursion, its usage. Examples of the use of methods with optional parameters are showed

Lesson 9


Описание урока: The lesson provides examples of creating and arrays(one-dimensional, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, jugged) using. The principles of receiving and adding data into arrays are explained.

• Understand.Net infrastructure and the opportunities it provides
• Create software solutions and projects, using Visual Studio 2012, C # language and .Net platform features
• Select the appropriate type for your variables
• Understand the difference between data types
• Use conditional and loop constructions
• Understand recursion work
• Create and invoke methods, understand their purpose
• Create and manipulate with arrays of data
• Sort arrays
• Continue further exploration of the possibilities of C # and .NET platform
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