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Course - Designing application architecture

Изображение к курсу Designing application architecture
Course Designing application architecture
Duration 10 days / 20 hours
Lessons number 8

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The aim of the course - to teach developers and solution architects to create efficient high-quality applications on the Microsoft platform and. NET Framework more quickly and with less risk through the use of proven and has earned the trust of architectural principles and design patterns.

The course provides an overview of the basic principles and patterns that provide a solid base to build good architecture and design applications. In addition to this base, generally applicable recommendations for the separation of application functionality into layers, components and services are given. Advices on the definition and implementation of the key design features, the main quality attributes (such as performance, security, and scalability) and the crosscutting concerns (such as caching and logging) are provided. The course also offers recommendations on architecture and design of the most common types of applications, such as Web-based applications, rich Internet-applications (RIA), rich client applications, services and mobile applications.
Strong knowledge of:
C#, Patterns of Design (GoF), MVP.

Understanding the basics:
UML (Class Diagram & Sequence Diagram), WPF, WCF, WWF, WIF, SQL, ADO.Net, ASP.Net, Silverlight, JavaScript, SharePoint, Azure, MS Office.
This course is primarily oriented at developers and solution architects who need guidance on the development of architecture and design applications on the Microsoft platform and the. NET Framework.
However, this course will be useful to any person who is interested in architecture and design applications, wants to understand the basic patterns and principles behind good design applications on the Microsoft platform and. NET Framework, as well as for beginners who are just starting to work with Microsoft or .NET Framework.
• Understand the principles and patterns of building architecture and design for the development of successful solutions on the Microsoft.
• Choose the right strategy and design patterns that will help in the design of the layers, components and service solutions.
• Identify and implement key technical solutions.
• Identify and implement key quality indicators and cross-cutting functions for solutions.
• Choose the right technology to implement solutions.
• Create possible variants for the basic solution architecture.
• Choose the right solutions and management, offered by Patterns & Practices team, that assist in the implementation of solutions.
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