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Course - Microsoft Entity Framework

Изображение к курсу Microsoft Entity Framework
Course Microsoft Entity Framework
Duration 5 days / 10 hours
Lessons number 5

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Entity Framework enables developers to access data, using a conceptual object model and not directly relational database. The purpose of this approach - to reduce the amount of code you need to write in order to access the database and time to support the objects in data-driven applications. Programming courses, using Entity framework, will allow you to use the latest version of the technology of object-relational mapping from Microsoft.

After completing the course you will be able not only to access the database but also understand how to optimize the code so that would increase the effectiveness of your application quickly.
• OOP understanding and knowledge of C#syntax.
• Knowledge of the main .NET Framework libraries.
• Programming experience in C #.
• Knowledge of T-SQL language
• Basics of ADO.NET
• Experience with Visual Studio 2010
The course is intended for programmers who are proficient in C #language and have the skills to work with ADO.NET technology.
Lesson 1

Introduction to EF

• Possibilities and basic concepts of EF
• Approaches to the use of EF (DB first, model first, code first)
• Comparison with other technologies (ADO.NET Dataset, LINQ 2 SQL)

Lesson 2

Entity Data Model overview

• Overview of EDM designer
• EDM layers: The conceptual layer (CSDL), mapping layer (MSL), logical layer (SSDL)
• Code generation from EDM
• The data changing in a database.
• Entity Changing: Partial classes, extension methods, relations and associations, other possibilities.

Lesson 3

Basics of LINQ 2

• Operators of selection, filtering, sorting
• Combining of subqueries results
• The projection of the query results, anonymous types.

Lesson 4

Lesson 5. «Code-first» style

• Overvew of EF Code-First technology
• Code-First agreements
• Attributes in EF Code First
• Code-First Fluent API

• Generate Entity Data Model
• Use approaches - DataBase First, Model First, Code first.
• Work with Entities, change them
• Manipulate data in the database, using LINQ and Entity
• Handle errors
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