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Course - HTML, CSS

Изображение к курсу HTML, CSS
Course HTML, CSS
Duration 8 days / 16 hours
Lessons number 8

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The HTML CSS course consists of 10 tutorials that fully describe markup language features and cascading style sheets, that are very important in the work of any web developer, suing the example of creation simple and not simple html pages and css files.
The course consists not only with rich material necessary for both for a beginning and professional designer, but also with many facts from the past of web technologies and those that are waited in the near future. E.g. on the first tutorial the historical stages of HTML markup development, and the second half is devoted to language syntax and the main text formatting tags. Every tutorial will finish with receiving interesting home tasks to fix the knowledge of the material. The students mention that it happened that rather often solutions used to do home tasks were used by them in serious projects at work. In the process of learning the course, all the topics are explained in details, so both beginning and professional designers could learn CSS not only to be able to change the font color, but easily use pseudo-properties of complex structures. At the end of the course you will be able to easily access the web site layout, design pages using all the learnt tags and use the possibilities of the right design in any project where you can you your knowledge.
• Skills in work with text editors
• Anyone with basic computer skills
Beginners, designers, web developers, and also professionals who wish to update their knowledge
Lesson 1

Lesson 1. Introduction to HTML

The main stages of history in development of the HTML language, the tag definition, element, and also text formatting tags are overviewed at the lesson, as well as the properties of the above mentioned tags.

Lesson 2

Lesson 2. Work with images

The tutorial is aimed at learning the work with images in HTML. The following questions are also included: work with background, correct adding links to images, tag img properties, features of different approaches to work with them.

Lesson 3

Lesson 3. Tables

The lesson consists of the full overview of the work with tables, using them as a tool of page design. All features for the work with tables are discussed, inclusion tables, spanning cells of table.

Lesson 4

Lesson 4. Lists. Layers

The lesson consists of two parts. The first part is the work with lists, learning all properties, and also part of CSS necessary to work with them. The second half is devoted to layers. Here the layer definition, shape layers, and advantages to design with the help of them.

Lesson 5

Lesson 5. CSS cascading style sheets

The tutorial is fully devoted to CSS learning. Methods of connecting or implementing CSS, lexical structure of CSS files, benefits over similar characteristics are the main issues of this lesson.

Lesson 6

Lesson 6. Meta tags. Positioning Layers

Meta tags, saving meta data about pages and positioning layers are learnt at the lesson, as well as transparency properties, rounded corners techniques, icon set.

Lesson 7

Lesson 7. Forms and their elements

The tutorial is aimed at leaning the Form rag including all the elements for entering data into the form, basic information about the form work and also properties for its setting. The main SEO tools used during page makeup are foreseen at the lesson

Lesson 8

Lesson 8. Page layouts. Image cutoff

The lesson contains review of the right approaches to images cutoff and also correct planning of future page for writing more optimized code.

• Understand HTML code and CSS files
• Create your HTML pages and use learnt features while creating your sites
• Makeup HTML templates with the help of tables and layers
• Use CSS rules for your elements
• Create separate CSS files to describe page properties
• Crate active menu at your pages
• Work with forms and their elements in maximum volume
• Use modern methods and approaches for makeup templates and separate elements
• Correctly use tags influencing the work with search engines
• Create cross-browser makeup which doesn’t depend on browser type in which your html pages will be viewed
• Not only read, but also correct other’s code, if necessary
• Use complex constructions in CSS properties including pseudo-properties
• Understand basics of site work, both for corporate web site of an artist or online store
• Use gained skills for learning other web technologies: ASP.NET or JavaScript
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