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Course - JavaScript patterns

Изображение к курсу JavaScript patterns
Course JavaScript patterns
Duration 5 days / 10 hours
Lessons number 5

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JavaScript it’s the language of the World Wide Web. Originally it was used as the language for manipulating individual parts of the page. Today, JavaScript is used to develop not only scripts, but also server applications, extensions and plugins for different programs, as well as complex web applications.

When the JavaScript language appeared, many developers decided that JavaScript not perfect, but today this conviction has been changed. Many other programming languages such as C #, Java, PHP were began to borrow some designs from JavaScript.

This course will allow students using different coding patterns to make the application easy to maintain and extend. Also, in this course you will learn design patterns, which help you develop your own Frameworks and understand the structure of other libraries, which have been written in JavaScript.
• Knowledge of the language JavaScript (course level JavaScript Advanced)
• Knowledge of HTML markup
• Knowledge of CSS
• Web developers
• Developers of user interface for Windows Store
Lesson 1

Lesson 1. Literals and constructors

- The advantage of using literals
- Using object literals
- Using literal arrays
- Patterns for custom designers
- Object-wrapper of simple types

Lesson 2

Lessons 2. Functions.

- Functions in JavaScript. Terminology.
- Patterns of use of callback functions
- Patterns for function
- Self-determination functions.
- Constitute oneself function
- Locking
- Memorization
- Currying

Lesson 3

Lessons 3. Patterns for create objects and code reuse

- Pattern for creating a namespace.
- Pattern "Module"
- Pattern "isolated namespace"
- Classic patterns of code reuse
- Current patterns of code reuse

Lesson 4

Lesson 4. Design patterns in JavaScript

- Singleton
- Factory
- Iterator
- Decorator
- Strategy
- Facade
- Proxy
- Mediator
- Observer

Lesson 5

Lesson 5. Patterns of working with DOM

- Anti-pattern for working with the DOM tree
- Examples to correct organization to access DOM
- Development scenario, which are working for a long time
- How to deploy scenarios
- Minimizing JavaScript code
- Measuring the speed of loading a document and a web document optimizations.

- Use coding patterns
- Use of design patterns
- Avoid major anti patterns in JavaScript applications
- Use a variety of mechanisms to reuse code in JavaScript
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