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Course - Adobe Photoshop to WEB-Developers

Изображение к курсу Adobe Photoshop to WEB-Developers
Course Adobe Photoshop to WEB-Developers
Duration 10 days / 20 hours
Lessons number 10

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Adobe Photoshop - an unofficial leader of tools for working with raster graphics.
WEB-developer Adobe Photoshop provides a full range of opportunities to develop projects from design layout to the finished website.
Proper selection, processing and optimization of images - necessary to fulfill the requirements for ergonomics, usability, aesthetic appeal, and, as a consequence, the popularity of the site. Therefore, every web developer should have the skills to work with graphics for the successful implementation of their projects.
Course «Adobe Photoshop for Web Developers" allows you to master:
• Basics of working with layers and PSD-files;
• Basic tools and methods for the isolation, the use of masks;
• Tools for vector graphics;
• Work with filters;
• Methods of processing images for Web sites;
• Fundamentals of design layouts;
• Pictures for web;
• Methods for optimizing images.
Basic PC skills.
The course is designed for Web-designers, Web- developers and UI-developers.
Lesson 1

Lesson 1: Introduction to Computer Graphics

- Forms of image representation.
- Comparison of vector and raster graphics.
- Basic concepts of the theory of color.
- Color models.
- Presentation of the colors on the computer.
- Interface of Photoshop.
- Setting up of Photoshop.

Lesson 2

Lesson 2: Getting Started

- How to create new documents in Photoshop.
- The settings of the new document.
- Opening documents.
- Formats of save files in Photoshop.
- The methods and options for saving documents.
- Navigation tools in the image.

Lesson 3

Lesson 3: Selection Tools in Photoshop

- Selection Tools and Toolbar Options.
- Highlight areas of irregular shapes.
- Transformation of the selected areas.
- Alpha channels and the "Quick Mask".
- Save and load selections.

Lesson 4

Lesson 4: Working with Layers

- General concepts of layers in Photoshop.
- Layers in the palette "Layers".
- The Basics of the layers.
- Grouping layers.
- Locks layers.
- How to create layers.
- Working with the Smart-objects.
- Adjustment layers.
- Create a text layer.

Lesson 5

Lesson 5: Document History and Image Editing

- Work with the history of the document.
- Linear and non-linear story.
- Work with the historical brush.
- Edit images.
- Tools for transformation.
- Correction of the image.

Lesson 6

Lesson 6: Tools of vector graphics

- Tools for working with contours.
- Editing contours.
- Alignment contours.
- Tool Direct Selection.
- Palette Paths (Contours).
- Convert of contours.
- Creation of lines and shapes.
- Convert of contours.

Lesson 7

Lesson 7: Working with text in Photoshop. Filters

- Using the tools of the group Type (Text).
- How to create a text layer.
- Palettes of text settings.
- Manipulation of the text layer.
- Filters in Photoshop.
- Main groups of filters and their application.

Lesson 8

Lesson 8: Drawing, patterns and fills

- Drawing and editing tools.
- Select and settings of color. Color palette and Swatches.
- Brushes: create, edit, save, use.
- Gradients and fills.
- Creating and using of patterns.

Lesson 9

Lesson 9: Working with WEB. GIF-animations. Automating image processing

- Dividing the image into fragments
- Cutting sites
- Optimizing images for WEB
- Create a simple animation
- Modes of creating animation
- Using Macros
- Automation of the image processing
- Batch processing of images

Lesson 10

Lesson 10: Development of design layouts for WEB. The file structure of documents

- Stages of development of design models.
- Using of modular grids.
- Organization of the file structure of the layout.
- Basic requirements for creating a site layout.
- Summary of issues of beginners.

• Work with PSD-files.
• Use selection tools and masks.
• Use vector graphics tools in Photoshop.
• Work with filters.
• Process images for WEB.
• Create design-layouts sites.
• Optimize images.
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