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Course - ReSharper

Изображение к курсу ReSharper
Course ReSharper
Duration 1 day / 2 hours
Lessons number 1

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The program of «ReSharper» course reviews the basic tools of coding.
You will learn how to refactor your code quickly and easily using basic tools. ReSharper improves developers’ productivity through the mechanisms of automated refactoring, instant navigation, searching and code generation. In addition, ReSharper is able to improve the quality of code in applications with continuous analysis of code, so developers can early detect and correct errors in their applications, inaccuracies and cases of inefficient use of structures.

At the lessons examples of working with ReSharper and refactoring foundations are provided. The principles of navigation, search and code generation are explained. Examples of ReSharper using are overviewed.

List of issues that are included in the course:

• Static code analysis with errors and suboptimal for various reasons fragments highlighting.
• The ability to correct errors and comments quickly, redundant elements of code (Quick-Fixes) removing.
• Context Actions - fast code conversion for typical scenarios (e.g. invertion of the boolean expression in the conditional statement with a simultaneous rearrangement of branches). The set of available ContextActions is formed, depending on the context.
• Rapid code navigation: searching places of a program object using, operations of quick jump to the related objects etc.
• Understanding and knowledge of C # syntax
• Knowledge of the main .NET Framework libraries
• Preferably experience in C # programming
• Visual Studio 2012 experience
The course is designed for students, successfully completed C # course, as well as developers who have experience in applications developing in C #, desiring to use ReSharper as a primary tool to increase work productivity in Microsoft Visual Studio.
• Apply acquired skills to work with ReSharper
• Understand the basic principles of navigation, search and code generation
• Set up the interaction between ReSharper and VisualStudio
• Improve code
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