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Course - TDD - Test Driven Development

Изображение к курсу TDD - Test Driven Development
Course TDD - Test Driven Development
Duration 3 days / 6 hours
Lessons number 4

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No programmer considers the work over a piece of code complete without checking before its work.

It means that while checking capability of the developed code you test it manually. To pass the test will require 2 stages: code stimulation and checking the result of its work. Automatic test will be passed in a different way: computer will stimulate the code and check the results instead of you, and you will see the test result on the screen. Therefore it’s possible to get information if the code is workable or not.

The Test-Driven Development course will help you get answers to the questions regarding automatic tests and let you work out definite skills of testing. Having learnt the methods of TDD you will be able to write “clear workable code”, i.e. smart, flexible and understandable code, that can be easily modified, that correctly works and doesn’t make unpleasant surprises to developers.
• Understanding of OOP and knowledge of C# syntax.
• Ability to use the main libraries of .NET Framework.
• C# experience is desirable.
• Visual Studio 2010 experience
Beginners in software development and also experienced C# developers, designers and architects who want to learn quickly and effectively solving complicated development tasks
Lesson 1

Introduction. Basics TDD and Unit Testing.

In this lesson you will learn the principles of Unit testing and learn how to organize the work using TDD. Also you will learn how to customize the Visual Studio development environment and learn the basic principles of writing the correct tests.

Lesson 2

Using Stub objects for Unit Tests

In this lesson, you will learn what a Stub objects and learn povodit refactor your code to use them. Also, you will learn the best practices for using Stub objects.

Lesson 3

Interoperability testing with Mock objects, Isolation Frameworks

• The difference between mock objects and stub objects.
• An example of a simple custom mock object.
• Problems using custom mock and stub objects.
• Why do we need Isolation Frameworks.
• Using Rhino Mocks.
• Dynamically created bogus sites.
• Isolation Frameworks for. NET

• Speed up development process, using tests writing;
• Write automatic tests;
• Check code workability;
• Write more quality code and better test it.
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Three times per week Everyday Specialities Weekends
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