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Course - Team Foundation Server 2010 Essentials

Изображение к курсу Team Foundation Server 2010 Essentials
Course Team Foundation Server 2010 Essentials
Duration 1 day / 3 hours
Lessons number 1

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Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 (TFS) - is a central component in the solutions of management of software development life cycle that combines a version control system, track status and changes in the project, report creation and much more. TFS automates the delivery of software and provides a convenient tool for team collaboration and project management. This course will help you to understand the basic features and best practices of Team Foundation Server usage.
Part 1. TFS Architecture. Administration.

• What is the TFS
• TFS Architecture
• Main features of TFS
• System requirements and installation of TFS
• Collections of projects
• Team projects
• Practice: creating a collection of projects and team project.
• Models of version control systems.
• The concept of workspace
Part 2. Version control system.

• Connection to TFS
• Adding of solution to the team project.
• Creating and configuration of the workspace
• Get Latest Version operation
• Making changes to the source code control.
• View of history.
• Operations of movement and renaming.
• Delete and Undelete operations.
• Shelve and Unshelve operations
• Get Specific Version operations
• Conflict resolution
• Code annotation
• Configuring Email messages
• Configuring Policies of Check-In
• Branch and Merge operations

Part 3. Process management

• What is Process Templates
• The main differences between MSF Agile and MSF CMMI patterns
• The concept of work item. Its structure.
• Experience in software development.
• Visual Studio 2010 skills
The course is intended for developers, involved in team development, as well as programmers who are not familiar with version control systems or work with other systems, similar to TFS.
- Configure TFS, set the permissions for the collections of team projects.
- To work with the source code control.
- Manage process items, such as tasks, bugs, requirements etc.
- Understand the meaning of the performance of TFS standard reports that concern the project.
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