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Course - WWF 4.5 Brief

Изображение к курсу WWF 4.5 Brief
Course WWF 4.5 Brief
Duration 1 day / 2 hours
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The purpose of the course - using technology WWF 4.5, present the concept of a finite machine that is the simplest of the fundamental model of a large number of different applications. These applications - from language processors to real-time control systems and communication protocols - cover a high proportion of systems, in design, implementation and analysis of which computer science and cybernetics are involved.
Business process in most cases – is an automaton model of the system (software) - any task that are done sequentially or in parallel by two or more members of the working team in order to achieve a common goal. Workflow – is a complete or partial automation of a business process in which documents, information or tasks are passed from one participant of business processes to another to perform actions according to a set of governing rules. It is the coordination of people, information, objects and events for doing the sequence of operations and for achievement of status, which leads to the realization of set goals. This lesson will not be considered to development of a full-fledged business process. Fundamental part is more interesting, that underlies in the basics of model of automatic systems, including business processes, - Theory of Finite-State Machine.
Mealy finite state machine
Consider the simplest type of finite-state transducer of information: Mealy machine. Define the finite machine formally. There are other definitions, but we will focus on this one.
DEFINITION: Mealy finite automaton is called six objects:

A = , where:

S - a finite non-empty set (of states);

X - a finite nonempty set of input signals (input alphabet)

Y - a nonempty finite set of output signals (output alphabet)

s_0 ∈ S-initial state

δ: S × X → S-transition function

λ: S × X → Y-output function

To set the machine is convenient with the help of graph, where the vertices correspond to the states, and the edge from the sn state to the state sm, labeled x / y, is held when the machine from the state sn under the influence of input x signal switches into sm state with the output y response.
For software implementation of finite state machines such software tools and technologies as MSVS 2012, WWF 4.5, C# language are used.
The course is designed for programmers who need:
• To start using in the work WWF 4.5 state machine technology;
• Get an overview of the software representation of a finite automaton data processors
• Общее представление о конечно автоматных преобразователях информации и их свойствах, методах их задания, особенностях двух основных типов конечноавтоматных преобразователей: автоматах Мили и Мура;
• Проблемы минимизации и проверки эквивалентности конечных автоматов;
• Методы реализации конечноавтоматных преобразователей;
• Примеры применения конечных автоматов в различных областях и методы графического формализма конечноавтоматного представления систем обработки информации.
• Overview of the finite automatic data processors and their properties, their job methods, features of two main types of finite machine converters: Mealy and Moore;
• The problems of minimizing and testing equivalence of finite machines;
• Methods of implementation of finite machine converters;
• Examples of implementation of finite machines in different fields and methods of graphic formalism of finite machine representation of information processing systems.
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