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Dear students! We offer you a full-time, online and video training, testing and certification. Use our resources to train with the maximum benefit for you.

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Weekday courses Weekends courses
Training days Monday - Friday Saturday - Sunday
Time of classes 09:00 - 11:00
16:30 - 18:30
11:30 - 13:30
19:00 - 21:00
09:00 - 14:30
15:00 - 20:30

Courses included in the catalog, are intensive and they require the full attention of students during class. To continue training the next course, students are required to attend all sessions of this course. While listening to all the courses you can wear casual clothes. Audio and video recording are prohibited. Students should listen, at least 80% of seminars to obtain a certificate.

Regardless of the technology you’ve chosen, usage of its functionality goes through the interface of Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 which is the most convenient to work in. To start your professional development in one of software development spheres you need to learn the language you’re going to use while you’re developing. And in this case it’s the C# language.

The training process includes:

  • Providing a training room and software/hardware for students.
  • Review of the theoretical aspects of technologies and practical tasks together with trainer.
  • Providing theoretical material and practical tasks in the electronic form that allows solidifying knowledge in convenient environment.
  • Providing professional advice from trainers and developers of CyberBionic Systematics.
  • Testing and obtaining certificate.
Учебная аудитория со студентами

Activities at the СyberBionic Systematics Educational Centre are held in well-equipped classrooms, which are designed for group of 4-6-8-12 people. We have created an excellent studying environment for our students. Modern office furniture and equipment, flip charts and marker boards, air conditioners, coolers with drinking water - a standard that we follow to.

For a successful study of educational material and gaining practical skills in the classroom, students work with high performance laptops. Those who wish to use their own laptops have such an opportunity if they have the required software. In a break between classes students have the opportunity to have a cup of tea or coffee. We offer convenience, beauty and comfort.

Пустая учебная аудитория
Групповое обучение

Small groups of 7 people are regularly formed to get the training due to typical programs that have been developed by our trainers. This format of training differs by its optimal tradeoff between service quality and price. During the whole course trainers provide free support and advice connected with the course.

Онлайн обучение

CyberBionic Systematics Training Center offers its students a form of on-line learning. With Skype you can join a group of students who gain knowledge at our training center on the course you are interested. You will receive training materials each lesson, you can hear, see teacher, presentation and examples in VisualStudio, can carry out practical tasks and discuss their performance with the teacher in convenient to you - video conferencing, voice or text chat. Learn more...

Корпоративное обучение

Corporate training format includes on-site training, so the projects are not put on hold, training schedule is flexible, and the course program is customized for your employees’ learning needs. CyberBionic Systematics approach is suitable for teaching employees with new technologies in software development. Our goal in providing training services to corporate clients is to ensure maximum return of your investments for your personnel development.

Видео обучение

If you’re not satisfied with the standard training schedule, you are welcome to order private training. It allows defining the initial level of student’s knowledge before the training starts and working out individual program and schedule. This format of training will help you save time and it is suitable for students who have basic knowledge in software development.

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