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This is the most difficult - to understand who you want to become. What is important now and what will be needed in the future? What knowledge developer needs? We will help you to find answers to these questions.

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Choice of speciality

Information systems play a key role in nearly every business. Demand for skilled employees is growing daily. Organizations need to be assured the professionals they hire can handle real-world technology-based responsibilities. And employees and job seekers need credentials that demonstrate these qualities.

CyberBionic Systematics IT Training Center offers you a full range of courses and qualifications from basics and definitions to the leading .NET technologies. The choice of a definite qualification will help you to define the list of necessary skills and courses to achieve your goal. After defining the field of study you will start using your time effectively and wisely to plan studying in a short period of time.

Course Days/hours Price
C# Essential 18 days / 36 hours 5280 UAH
Patterns Of Design 10 days / 20 hours 4380 UAH
C# Professional 17 days / 34 hours 4800 UAH
SQL Essential 10 days / 20 hours 2370 UAH
C# Starter 9 days / 18 hours 2600 UAH
Microsoft Entity Framework 5 days / 10 hours 2070 UAH
Period of the recommended training - 3.2 months 128 hours 21500 UAH
Price with 15% discount 18275 UAH
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CyberBionic Systematics will help you better understand your future profession, that’s why we have prepared up-to-date IT courses that correspond to the requirements for professionals by leading IT companies. We recommend choosing the most popular qualifications, that is why starting from the first tutorials we try to help you in your training.“Matrix of specialist competence” with the list of all courses necessary for chosen qualification and schedule of their attendance is offered to every student.

In case you haven’t chosen the qualification, you can take the courses step by step starting from “C# Essential”, “C# Professional”, etc. Besides, together with the trainer you can work out your own course curriculum, consisting of the courses offered by the IT Training Center and get the corresponding certificates.

Matrices of specialities