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Speciality Mobile Device Developer

Изображение к специальности Mobile Device Developer
Duration 87 lessons / 174 hours
Price 116 UAH
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Independently of the fact if you are a starting or an experienced developer, this qualification will help you understand unique and interesting trends in mobile devices development and how to create successful application for a mobile device.
In recent years expansion of intellectual mobile devices can be compared by its intensity only with Internet or increasing processors power. Mobile devices, existing only on the pages of scientific fiction some time ago, nowadays actively come into the life of business entities and physical persons and play more and more important role as a means of communication and access to information in any time and in any place. On the basis of mobile devices the main functionality of using applications of a modern age on the side of the client is realized. If you chose the “Mobile Device developer” qualification, you will be able to create beautiful user interfaces for mobile devices, realize applications for video and multi-media playback, and develop dynamic and commercial games.

• Applications developer for mobile devices
• Silverlight developer for Windows Phone 7
• Applications developer for Windows Phone 7
• Games developer for Windows Phone 7

• Knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
• Good algorithm training
• Experience of team development using SCRUM
• Experience to work with frameworks for module testing
• Experience to work with TFS
• The C# programming language
• Experience in analyzing and building programming applications
• Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
• Development of architecture of software engineering solutions
• Windows Mobile experience
• Experience in development of client part for file server
• Knowledge of XML format
• Knowledge of Silverlight, WCF, XNA

Speciality include next courses:

Compulsory courses for specialization Hours Price 15% Discount
C# Essential 36 4800 UAH
Patterns Of Design 20 3980 UAH
Refactoring in .NET applications 10 1850 UAH
C# Professional 34 4950 UAH
SQL Essential 18 2770 UAH
Windows Azure Platform 20 6430 UAH
WCF 10 2050 UAH
TDD - Test Driven Development 8 1480 UAH
C# Starter 18 2370 UAH
Duration of training - 4.4 months 174 116 UAH 99 UAH
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