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Speciality SharePoint Developer

Изображение к специальности SharePoint Developer
Duration 135 lessons / 270 hours
Price 648 UAH
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SharePoint is a platform for collaborative work that allows to increase working efficiency and content management in Office friendly environment. Independently of the fact where you deploy SharePoint (using your own hardware or using the services of outer hosting), built-in functions with additional search technologies, will help you to quickly react on the changing business demands. You will be able to make decisions on the basis of the results of data analysis, and also quickly and safely implement solutions that can be adjusted according to your needs in or outside of your company. Consolidation of solutions for collaboration using SharePoint platform will help to decrease expenses for personnel training and technical support, and ensure working efficiency of IT professionals. The gained knowledge will help you to arrange well-controlled application platforms that meet the standards.

• Web site manager
• Web designer
• Web administrator
• SharePoint-applications programmer
• SharePoint administrator
• ASP.NET-developer

• Knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
• Good algorithm training
• Experience of team development using SCRUM
• Experience to work with frameworks for module testing
• Experience to work with TFS
• High level of knowledge and work experience with .NET Framework
• Experience in work with MS SQL Server
• At least 3 years’ experience creating web-pages using ASP.NET
• Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax
• Knowledge of Silverlight, WCF, SQL server, SharePoint
• Understanding of MVC paradigm
• Knowledge and experience in WWF (Windows Workflow Foundation)
• Development of WEB-parts for ASP.NET web sites
• Knowledge and ability to work with SharePoint Designer 2007/2010
• Development of SharePoint event handlers
• Development of SharePoint working process
• Processing of timer events
• Development of portal solutions on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007/2010 platform
• Development/setting/support of Workflow (working processes)
• Development of web-applications, web-services, web-part

Speciality include next courses:

Compulsory courses for specialization Hours Price 15% Discount
C# Essential 36 4800 UAH
Patterns Of Design 20 3980 UAH
Refactoring in .NET applications 10 1850 UAH
C# Professional 34 4950 UAH
ASP.NET Essential 20 3080 UAH
ASP.NET Advanced 18 3440 UAH
SQL Essential 18 2770 UAH
JavaScript Essential 14 2090 UAH
JQuery 20 2890 UAH
HTML5 Advanced 14 2240 UAH
SharePoint Server 2010 Administration 20 7760 UAH
SharePoint Programming 20 8470 UAH
TDD - Test Driven Development 8 1480 UAH
C# Starter 18 2370 UAH
Duration of training - 6.8 months 270 648 UAH 551 UAH
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