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Speciality Solutions Architect

Изображение к специальности Solutions Architect
Duration 137 lessons / 274 hours
Price 171 UAH
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Architecture of any software, system or set of systems consists of important project solutions. They ensure the desired property set that has to be supported by the system to be successful. Project solutions give conceptual basis for system development, its support and attendance.
Building architecture in projects on software development has high priority value for technical and marketing success of the project. Therefore analysis of factors influencing architect decisions in project is worth of careful attention.

• .NET Software Engineer
• Project manager
• .NET projects Architect
• Software Architect

• Knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
• Good algorithm training
• Experience of team development using SCRUM
• Experience to work with frameworks for module testing
• Experience to work with TFS
• High level of knowledge and work experience with .NET Framework, Entity Framework
• Knowledge of Windows Forms, WPF, XAML technologies
• High knowledge of C#
• Knowledge of technologies in working with databases, administration and development (creation of stored procedures, functions, simulations): MS SQL
• Experience in work with MS SQL Server
• Experience in analyzing and building programming applications
• Knowledge and ability to use tools of teamwork, the ability to read and understand code written by another developer
• Knowledge of methodologies and experience in software development
• Development of web-applications, web-services, web-part
• Skills in preparing project and technical documents
• Knowledge of principles of data architecture building and systems application architecture
• Knowledge of the concept of service-oriented architecture (SOA)
• Knowledge of description methodology, modeling and projecting of business processes and informational systems (UML)
• Analysis of IT architecture and programming complex
• Knowledge of patterns of design
• Development of architecture of software engineering solutions

Speciality include next courses:

Compulsory courses for specialization Hours Price 15% Discount
C# Essential 36 4800 UAH
Patterns Of Design 20 3980 UAH
Refactoring in .NET applications 10 1850 UAH
C# Professional 34 4950 UAH
Windows Forms 20 2820 UAH
ASP.NET Essential 20 3080 UAH
SQL Essential 18 2770 UAH
JavaScript Essential 14 2090 UAH
WPF 20 2940 UAH
ADO.NET 16 3100 UAH
Microsoft "Patterns & Practices" 30 6230 UAH
WCF 10 2050 UAH
TDD - Test Driven Development 8 1480 UAH
C# Starter 18 2370 UAH
Duration of training - 6.8 months 274 171 UAH 145 UAH
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