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How to start software development with WPF

8 February, 2010

How to start software development with WPF

We are happy to announce that this summer we updated the WPF course. You can learn not only how to create elegant buttons, use animation effects such as rotated text, glow effects and live preview, but also get a voucher for a free attendance of the VisualStudio 2010 training which was written on WPF. You will get acquainted with improved XAML editor (XAML is a markup language which is used in WPF for UI description) and also about other innovations that will help you in your work. If you're interested in the WPF course, call us via tel. (044) 361 89 37 and our manager will answer all your questions. Also you can get additional information in the company office located in 19 Mariny Raskovoy St., the 8th floor, suite 832, Kiev.

Order the WPF or Silverlight course from the 10th till the 25th of July 2010 and get a voucher* for a FREE training "New Features of VisualStudio 2010" in August.

*Voucher for a FREE 2-hours training to learn the new features of VisualStudio 2010. Information regarding date, place and time of the training will be provided additionally. You have the right to pass your voucher to another person after informing the IT Training Center manager in advance about another participant. In this case a new participant will be obliged to fill in the online form to participate in the training.

The WPF course

WPF is one of the most outstanding .NET technologies. Due to the new approach to development and huge opportunities of built-in classes, WPF let easily create new Windows forms-based application with unique effects and functionality. The course will let you easily use new opportunities of this technology, build users interfaces, animation and 3D objects in your applications.

The Silverlight course

Silverlight is another technology for creating applications with graphic interface. While developing web pages and other types of web applications often development of unusual controls, banners, special windows, etc. is needed. Silverlight runs mainly in web browsers as it utilizes WPF to provide embedded web controls. The Silverlight course will help you to create rich web pages with unusual controls.

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