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Learn the .Net technology in video format

8 July, 2013

Dear friends! We are pleased to offer to your attention the new form of learning programming and Microsoft.NET technologies in CyberBionic Systematics – video education.

Video education gives students the unique advantages:

• Individual rhythm and intensity of training;
• You get a complete set of training materials for the course with presentations, methodological materials and examples for practical work in VisualStudio.
• You can start learning any time, without waiting for the group formation;
• You have an opportunity to re-view the advanced topics ;
• You can study at home, in the office, on vacation.

The most effective form of education is to combine video education with full-time or on-line trainings, because you can talk with a coach, ask questions and for several times watch video of advanced topics. Our students have a unique opportunity to buy a video course for the half cost!

Welcome to our new education resource –

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