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DEVOXX UKRAINE 2023: AI – Friend or Foe?

Technology conference
September 22, 2023 I Online  


Devoxx is the most extensive worldwide tech-conference with access to hundreds of remarkable international speakers, substantial content databases, and new speech formats. It is an annual international conference with global speakers – well-known tech-professionals from the U.S., Canada, Western Europe, and other countries. 

Devoxx Ukraine 2023 is ready to unlock the mysteries of AI!
An exceptional roster of visionary thought leaders is going to go beyond the surface and look at the multifaceted avenues in the implementation of new technologies. No doubts, that AI, when harnessed ethically and responsibly, has the potential to be a valuable ally in addressing complex challenges and driving innovation across various domains.


An extraordinary line-up of industry’s trailblazers has been presented, so be prepared to hear the most insightful talks:

- Hugh McKee, Developer Advocate at Lightbend 
"Micro Minds: Event-Driven Services Modeled as Neural Synaptic Networks"

- Grace Jansen, Developer Advocate at IBM:
"Through the Looking Glass: Effective Observability for Cloud Native Applications"
- Bruno Souza, Leader at SouJava:
“AI is eating the developer career! Wait, what? Maybe it's the other way around?”

- Evgeny Borisov, Developer Relations Lead at EPAM:
“Spring The Builder”

- Baruch Sadogursky, Principle Developer Advocate at Gradle Inc.:
“Developer productivity – DIY (with LLM) or how I learned to stop worrying and love the AI”

- Mary Grygleski, Senior Developer Advocate at DataStax:
“Enter the brave new world of GenAI with Vector search’’

- Mark Heckler, Principal Cloud Advocate, Java/JVM Languages at Microsoft:
“Copilot is my Copilot: Pair programming with an AI’’.

And many more to come…

The two sets of branded goods will be raffled among all the participants who make a donation of €100 or more via Opencollective platform. One more set of branded goods from Devoxx Ukraine will be raffled among those who make a donation via the Monobank “jar”. Every €100 gives you one mention in a lottery. The bigger is a donation, the more mentions and so chances to win a set!


While the devastating war in Ukraine still causes unbearable losses, Devoxx Ukraine is partnering with the Leleka Foundation, which equips medical professionals. Every single penny of donations will be spent on the medical backpacks stuffed with a full range of necessary medical supplies for Ukrainian defenders.

In case of any questions please contact:

11 сентября, 2023